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Hi There! My name is Melissa Richards AKA 'mo'! I am a Toronto based front-end developer and graphic designer. When I'm not coding you can find me reviewing pickles on twitter ✌︎

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Hi There! My name is Mo! I am passionate about integrating design and web-development in accessible and fashionable ways. I like to understand the brand and products from the creation of the wireframe to the deploy of the App. User experience is very important to me which means writing clean and accessible code. With my background in graphic design, I pay close attention to detail and take pride in creating beautiful engaging web experiences.


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Device mock up of the Namer App on a laptop and phone screen

Namer: The Gamer Tag Generator

So you play the game, whats more important than rank? Your name! Your brand! Namer the gamer tag generator helps you choose THE most unique handle for all of your smurfing needs!


A beautiful multi-page website PSD conversion made from a client brief. Using responsive design and CSS/HTML best practices

Device mock up of the Delicious app on a tablet screen

That Genre

When the Netflix algorithm just isnt hitting right. Cinephiles can use "That Genre" to search for movie titles in their desired genre resulting in lists of movies from around the globe. This App was made in partnership with Hayden Crocker using The Movie Database API.

Device mock up of That Genre App on a laptop and phone screen
Device mock up for the YBS Tours App on a phone
Device mock up of the YBS Tours App on a laptop


A react app created from a client brief for YBS Galactic Tours that provided an online preview of their upcoming space tours. This App was created with Isabella Wang, Kristin McCollum, and Sean Sipus using functional React Components, local storage and Rest APIS.